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WHAT:  “Just Act” Acting Gym
WHEN:   9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon Saturdays
WHERE:  Brad Powell Theatre, TAG
COST:      $10.00
INSTRUCTOR:    Eric Nemoto
CONTACT:    [email protected]​​

Classes are canceled due to the Coronavirus until further notice


  • The “Just Act” acting gym is taught by TAG founder and president, Eric Nemoto, whose teaching and coaching experience dates back to the days of initially creating TAG as an actor’s workshop in 1993, and also includes years of teaching for the ADR Model & Talent company (the agency for which he continues to be a talent with). Through years of taking acting lessons himself, acting on stage and in film and on TV, while also observing numerous students he’s taught over many years, Eric has developed his own theories on the acting process and has perfected his own teaching methods.
  • He utilizes cold reads from movie scripts, subsequent prepared scenes based on those scripts, and also improvisational exercises to teach his philosophies of acting.
  • Eric calls his classes the “acting gym” because like how people visit a fitness center when they want to give their body a work out, actors can attend whenever they desire to work on acting muscles. The great difference, however, is that there are no recurring charges to remain part of the gym. In other words, there are no multi-class commitments for which actors pay in advance.
  • Each class is purposely set at the very low price of $10 (for which Eric actually donates nearly half to TAG) and actors merely pay at the end of their visit.
  • Eric offers this arrangement simply because he understands that time is important for everyone and so he desires to teach actors who “want” to be there to practice their craft and not feel obligated to be there because they paid for classes in advance. Life gets in the way so if an actor can’t attend a class. Not a problem. They’ll just attend when they can, and want to, and pay for only that specific class when they do.
  • Because of this open attendance concept, class sizes can vary. Some classes may have 9 to 12, and some may have just 2 to 4. Often, classes will be around 5 to 8.
  • Eric teaches whoever shows, and whatever the size, he makes sure that each actor actively participates in class activities and is then given a thorough critique of their acting performances. Also like a fitness center where the participants can range from avid health nuts to those trying to get back into shape, the acting gym attracts students that can range from very experienced actors to those acting for the very first time.
  • Eric feels his methods can benefit all who attend and teaches every student to their level of experience and makes it fun for everyone.
  • Acting gym classes are typically held in TAG’s Brad Powell Theatre every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, unless the stage is needed for rehearsal by a TAG production.
  • For more information contact Eric at [email protected]