TAG - The Actors’ Group fills a unique niche in Honolulu’s theatre community by staging productions in an intimate setting with a passion and commitment to excellence and diversity.  TAG - The Actors' Group is a public charity as outlined in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Our 2019 Fund Drive Goal is $50,000


Richard & Myrna Cundy in memory of Jim Connors
Steve & Cathy Levinson

Loretta Krause, Brother Gary Morris, Stewart Taggart,
Evans K. & Marianne K. Whiting Fund, Stan & Janet Zisk

Jack & Eulalia Luckett

Andrea Jepson, Anne McKay in memory of Norma Nichols,
Marilyn Rowell, Laurie Tochiki - Remembering Thomas

Ward Mardfin,  Eric & Mary Ann Nemoto, 

Chris Valles in memory of Thomas Tochiki

Jane & Yukio Fukutomi, Edward C. Lin & Tongtong Chen,  Marilyn Rowell,

Bruce Shiramizu, Dan Suthers & Sharon Rose,
Carole Tarlington & Wendy Grant in memory of Richard Goodman,
Duke & Deborah Wagner, Dora & Kent Youel

Larry L. Anderson,

Patrica Gillespie in memory of Sam Polson,
Rochelle Uchibori - $75 in memory of Jane Campbell & $75 in memory of Norma Nichols

Marion Abe, Earle Alexander, Cheryl Bennett, Connie & Brinton-Diamond, Sue & Robert Brown, Katherine Croze,
Kumu & Beverly DeSilva,
Arnie & Bev Drill,
Frankie Enos in memory of Thomas TochikiDavid Farmer, 
Lynne Halevi, Ron Heller,  Colin Hunter & James Lawyer, H. Stanley Jones,
Suzanne Jones, Richard Kennedy & Steven Prieto, Joy Lamb, Evelyn Lance, Judy & Dennis Lind, Marion Lyman-Mersereau,
Ken Marcus, Dwight Martin,
Jean McIntosh, in memory of Norma Nichols,
Ginny Meade in memory of John Cater, 
Christine & Douglas Meller, Lynn Murakami-Akatsuka, 
Robert Oaks & Fred Sheng, 
Alan Picard - $50 in memory of Thomas Tochiki & $50 in memory of Richard Goodman,
Brad & Joyce Powell,  Jean & Mana Sakihara, Ramona Sayre, Frank Smith,
Anita Trubitt in memory of Norma Nichols, Glenn & Leona Urata, 
Lyndon Wester, Grant Yoshikami

$50 - $99
Nathan Crow, Jonathan M. Grynspan & Heather W. Mayberry,
Linda Kidani,  Pat Matsueda,   Rick Ornellas, Kathleen Sands,

Sandra Simms, Mary Young

$1 - $49
Adam Erinc, Ruth Beard, Scott Church, Mary Dale,  Nancy Davlantes,

Jo Ann & Jim Gaines, Theresa Germaine, Bo Ram Hong, Christine Irvine, Jayne Ryan Kuroiwa, Marion Lyman-Mersereau, Glenn Mann,Lilian McDonnell,  Jean & Mana Sakihara, Anne Schoonover, Linda Shimamoto, John Smith, Christine Sorenson, Lee Takagi, Lotti Verania, William Welsh


Dawn Bridgman, David & Loren Farmer, Pat Ferraris & Jan Royer Davis, Patricia Gillespie, Lynne Ellen Hollinger & Patrick Roberts,

Christine Kurashige, Ginny Meade, Steve & Cathy Levinson,
Jack & Eulalia Luckett, Kenneth & Gail Marcus, Nancy & Art Moss,
Jo Pruden, Victoria Gail-White & John Wythe White, Dora & Kent Youel, Stan & Janet Zisk

Mahalo nui loa,
Eric Nemoto, President
Frankie Enos, Vice President
Brad Powell, Artistic Director,
Cathy Levinson, Secretary
Steve Levinson, Play Selection
Willis Moore, House Manager
Laurie Tanoura, Treasurer & Production Manager